Merge Like A Zip!


“Faster Mr. Bill, faster!“, I urged as we approached our first ‘Merge Like A Zip’ road sign outside Taupo. Inexplicably,Mr. Bill  ignored my helpful advice to speed up; instead, Mr. Bill slowed down. I patiently explained, that zip meant zoom and he needed to merge quickly, as if riding a zip line.  “No”, Mr. Bill patiently replied, “I think zip means zipper”. No, I countered. “Why would you merge like a zipper”? What does a zipper have to do with traffic patterns? Some zippers don’t always merge (like on my slimming jeans) and some zippers go completely off the track. The visuals were troubling- maybe ‘Merge like a Zip’, meant stop or drive on the verge? Despite my muttering, Mr. Bill joined the queue, took his turn and merged like a zip- which means, every other car, like the teeth on a zipper. Oh.

I suppose it’s a good thing, that  while traveling with Mr. Bill, he usually drives- he’s very good at it. Whereas my talent lies in back seat driving. Mr. Bill is also very skilled at disregarding my exhortations. In spite of this tiny character flaw on Mr. Bill’s part, all our road trips have had happy endings and we arrive safe and sound.

All the other New Zealand road signs, that we have encountered, have been unambiguous (at least to me). ‘Kiss and Go’ is my favorite. Intrigued, I will admit to having lingered there while riding my bike. It was a bust-if there were any kisses, they were long gone.

Safe travels to all and remember to merge like a zip!


Now, this sign from Christchurch makes sense!



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3 Responses to Merge Like A Zip!

  1. Muriel Wagner says:

    I’m not going to “zip it”! I love your posts.❤️ Muriel (from Tortola, BVI)

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  2. Heather says:

    I especially like the overly friendly chickens!

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  3. Bill Duda says:

    Another great read! Leave it to Mr. Bill to parse the context of zip.

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