Pervert or Protector?

Have you ever had that creepy feeling, that you are being watched? However irrational it may seem, you know with absolute certainty, that something unseen sees you. Your sixth sense is warning you and cannot be ignored.

Bathing outdoors is one of summer’s decadent delights. I was over the moon with excitement last August, when shown the outside shower, while visiting our friends Ken and Jill’s Fire Island, beach house. I was all in having grown up bathing in a lake but I suspect that the more modest Mr. Bill, was relieved to note, that the enclosure had four solid walls and was only open to the sky above.

There I was blissfully performing my daily ablutions, when suddenly the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Alarmingly, Mr. Bill was not within shouting distance, when my spidey sense began tingling to alert me, that I was not alone. I spun around. I was reassured that there were no peep holes in the weathered wood and the door was still firmly latched. I looked down but only soapy water was finding a route through the deck floor to the sandy soil below and there were no inquisitive eyes peering upwards. Nervously, I looked up. Staring down at me was a pair of unblinking, inscrutable, green eyes. Our eyes locked. I nodded and said, “well hello Ozzie” and with an insouciant flick of his tail, he was gone. Ozzie was a cat.

Ozzie is no ordinary gray tabby; he is the neighborhood watch cat of Atlantique. He lives next door to our friends and has taken it upon himself, to guard that narrow stretch of barrier island, which lies between the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Ever vigilant, this fearless feline is always on the prowl. Not only does Ozzie provide home security for the island’s humans, he keeps the population of wild, white tailed deer under control. Ever my protector, Mr. Bill had obviously engaged Paw Patrol as back up.

Safely walking hand in hand after Ozzie swept the beach.
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4 Responses to Pervert or Protector?

  1. Duane Foster says:

    Hi it’s Dale and Duane! Glad to see the two of you happily walking the beach. It’s an incredible 23 her in jolly folly Missouri. Was sorry to hear the Felicity an Edgar have moved on, though one can’t blame them after all the projects at Beachpoint. We had a happy few years of fun together. As soon as omicron fades we hope to get back to our bucket list.. those sweet deer seem as bold as those we have here eating whatever I plant, regardless of tags that say “deer” resistant. But perhaps they can’t read many others fall into the same category. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Your blog always entertains us! Happy adventures to you both!


    • Brrrr, 23 sounds mighty cold. I suppose your deer are eating to keep warm but I suspect, it’s because you put out a delectable spread. It is arm chair traveling for us these days as well. Stay well and warm!


  2. queenvic72 says:

    Ozzie (great name by the way!) definitely sounds like a protector rather than a pervert! Lovely to read about your travels again.


    • I think Ozzie is more Osbourne, than Nelson (American TV Dad from the sixties. He definitely had stage presence. I am glad that you have been able to travel between your two favorite places. Stay well and Happy Trails!

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