Mother Nature Weeps

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Mr. Bill is on the move once again. Mr. Bill shifts and Mother Nature weeps.

No sooner were our bags packed yesterday, in anticipation of today’s departure, than the wind began to moan, begging him to stay awhile longer. However, Mother Nature’s entreaties fell on deaf ears and she upped her game by sending rain. Honestly, the lady is rather predictable and her theatrics are tiresome. She will now be accompanying us to Tauranga this afternoon and no doubt will create a downpour, as we cross the airport tarmac to board our flight to Auckland. I can predict with confidence, that she will douse us again when we arrive in the City of Sails. It will be a soggy trip between terminals, before we can shake off her wet embrace but we will soldier on.

That’s good news for our Kiwi friends, as they head into summer. Sunny days and blues skies are on the way. Unfortunately it’s bad news for the folks in Connecticut. Snow anyone?

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8 Responses to Mother Nature Weeps

  1. Muriel Wagner says:

    Have a safe journey home. As always, love reading your posts.


  2. JOANNE MAGNER says:

    Safe travels! Be in touch when you get home. The time seems to have flown by!

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  3. Linda Smillie says:

    you will be pleased to know that today, the day after you have left NZ, is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking the shit weather with you.



    Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing you both.


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