A Wardrobe Malfunction

DSCN1481 (1)

Catching a wave, West End Beach, Ohope Beach NZ

People watching is always entertaining on Ohope Beach. West End, the cozy stretch on our doorstop, is never empty. Even in the foulest weather, the dog walkers will be pounding the sand. Students trudge to school in the morning and run home in the afternoon. Young mothers, proudly push their babies in their  prams. Couples of all ages, stroll hand in hand, while the fitness minded folks, run past. Best of all, when the surf’s up, the surfers take to the waves. And sometimes they need a helping hand, from a landlubber.

My camera was  trained on the Tui birds high above me, in the the branches of the Flame Coral tree and I didn’t register the good looking surfer in front of me, until he spoke. He asked (did I mention he was good looking?), if I could help him with his stuck zipper. I think I ruined the moment, by saying that I would have to fetch my reading glasses. I fished my glasses out of my camera case and he showed me his backside. His wardrobe malfunction, was smack dab, in the middle of his back- that one spot you can’t reach over handed or under handed, unless you are an advanced Yogi.

It didn’t take long to free the fabric caught in the zipper’s track and soon he was on his way. My new friend (did I mention he was good looking?),thanked me profusely, explaining that his wife had already gone into the water , which left him in a jam. As I watched him head out into the surf, it hit me, was that code? I’m so long out of the dating game. It could be. What do you think? I’ll ask Mr. Bill.

Flame Coral Tree (Erythrina)    Tui Bird

Surfer on skateboard, West End Road, OhopeBeach


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8 Responses to A Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. William says:

    I like


  2. Janis & David says:

    Lovely photos Maureen,…looking forward to our return. Shame you won’t be around.

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  3. Muriel says:

    Just how “good looking” was he????? Muriel

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  4. Karen Higgs says:

    Takes me right back to Ohope, you have to do scmething on coffee cafés yoga Pilates and searching for bargains at the hospice shop.Spring flowers blooming in Cape Town just remember you are all more than welcome to stay with me!!


  5. Karen Higgs says:

    Takes me back to Ohope and the good timesThank you do not forget Coffee Pilates Yoga and of course the bargains at Hospice some of which grace my kitchen in SA.Choice mate!!


  6. Definitely! We’ve shared adventures in all those places and beyond. Enjoy your spring flowers, the calves and lambs dot the paddocks here- spring has sprung in Ohope.


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