Four and Twenty Black Birds Baked in a Pie


We did! We did!

Who could resist a pie, from a company with such a delightful quirky name? Who could pass up the clever package?  Certainly not me. The hard part was choosing;  there were so many tempting pies on offer. Nosh was the last stop on our insider’s tour of Tauranga, with the Smillies. It’s a small speciality market, guaranteed to please any Foodie. It was the perfect place to pick up something special for Sunday tea. After lengthy discussions, we settled on the steak, mushroom and red wine pie. It didn’t disappoint! It definitely was the next best thing to homemade.

Kiwis are passionate about their pies. They are savory not sweet and are consumed for the main meal, not dessert. Pies are everywhere! You can buy a hot, take away* pie, for your tucker*, at gas stations, grocery stores, bakeries, cafes, your local butcher or from the corner Dairy*.

I love making pies from scratch. I’ve gone native and am now baking chicken pot pies, for our winter meals. Lucky Mr. Bill. It was his birthday last week and the menu was pie and cake. In America, that would be a two course sugary feast but happily it was a balanced meal. Still, to my ears it sounded funny, when Mr. Bill asked what was for dinner and I replied, “pie and cake”. For me, baking is seasonal, following the harvest. For years (too many to announce) July meant mulberry and blueberry pies. Peach pies were made in August and apples pies in September. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, pumpkin and pecan pies would grace the table. Now my pie rotation is off kilter, because the seasons in New Zealand are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere. As long as there is pie, I don’t mind.

When Mr. Bill cut into his birthday pie, I do believe I heard the birds begin to sing,” Wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the King?”

take away-take out

*Tucker- meal

*dairyconvience store

IMG_2006    IMG_1835

IMG_1985 (1)  IMG_2004

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5 Responses to Four and Twenty Black Birds Baked in a Pie

  1. William says:

    Like those pies!


  2. Melinda Wax says:

    Hi- I remember the first pie I tried to make in NZ. I wanted to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner (of course there wasn’t a fresh turkey in sight) but could not find anything even close to Karo Syrup. I must have searched four stores…I ended up using Trecele (sp?) and it was terrible! I probably threw the whole thing out after my guests kindly took very small slices. Since then I bring a bottle of Karo with me if I intend to make pecan pie. Enjoyed your thoughts and look forward to more.


    • Hi Melinda. Baking is an adventure in New Zealand.There isn’t a substitute for Karo syrup but they do have something unique- Golden Syrup.Yum! I can’t bake many NZ desserts without it. I bet you bring a bottle of Golden Syrup back to the States.


  3. heather montanile says:

    Very cute story! Noticed you’re wearing antennas in your cake cutting picture!

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